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Tara Hayman

Director of Marketing & Production

Tara Hayman is Nubia Filmworks, LLC Director of Marketing, she creates and implements social media campaigns for the company, and utilizes her marketing knowledge to enhance the company’s online presence. Also, as the Director of Production, Tara leads the film production efforts and works closely to develop the right mix of products that satisfy the company’s production needs. She also collaborates with other Department members to ensure continued growth for Nubia FIlmworks, LLC.
Tara has worked on the following production(s) with Nubia: Too Saved (2006) and Nocturnal Agony (2011) as Assistant Production Coordinator and Transportation Coordinator.
Prior to joining Nubia, Tara had the pleasure of directing and producing several plays for community organizations in Washington, DC. Tara graduated from TESST College of Technology of Beltsville, Maryland with a Computer Support Technician (Certificate). In her spare time, she loves to travel, spend time with family, and pursue cosmetology.

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