Straight Up Go Go- As Seen on PBS Television

There are more than a few theories about where go-go came from and how it was developed, but on two points all factions agree: it evolved from African rhythms and it is unquestionably the music of Washington, DC. This comprehensive video traces the history and influences of the sound, from early role models, Cab Calloway, James Brown, Fela, and Chuck Brown & the Soul Searches, through the golden age (well, the mid-eighties) with Black Heat, Experience Unlimited, Rare Essence and Junkyard Band, up to the new generation of artists including Pleasure Band, C.J.'s Uptown Crew, Casual Al & The City Groovers, and many others.

Shot at Georgia Avenue Day festivities, Wilmer's Park, Anacostia Park, the F Street corridor, Georgetown and elsewhere, the video is the debut labor love from Progressive Productions, which was formed in 1985 by Sowande Tichawonna (Milton Henderson, Jr.), Shuaib "Curtis" Mitchell and Fred Brown, Jr. Informative and kinetic, Straight Up Go-Go is a first-rate introduction to the music as well as an invaluable social document.

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